Adventuring During COVID-19 Pandemic

Adventuring During COVID-19 Pandemic

Earlier this year, the USA was hit with heavy restrictions due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many families had to cancel cruises, vacations, birthdays, and fun of all kind due to safer-at-home orders and travel restrictions. Those of us who enjoy adventuring have encountered less disappointment, especially as state parks and camping grounds have slowly reopened.


With an abundance of places to be explored in the US there are activities families and friends can enjoy together while practicing CDC guidelines and reducing the spread of COVID-19.


The first activity that can still be enjoyed is off-roading! There are thousands of places where people can take their trucks, jeeps, quads, toys, and motorcycles out to have some fun. Friends can drive in convoys on trails and enjoy each other’s company without risking the spread of COVID. Families can keep a safe distance in their own vehicle while rolling around trails in the mountains or crossing the desert. Riders can practice social distancing while keeping away from each other which is a typical safety practice.


Another activity is camping. Campsites are typically far enough away from each other that people are easily able to keep a distance. As long as people are cautious in shared areas and can keep shared equipment such as rental boats clean. going camping can provide the mental relief many of us desperately need during these stressful times. Activities common while camping like fishing, boating, wildlife watching and more can be practiced safely.


Finally, hiking can be safe if practiced with CDC guidelines in mind. Depending on where you travel or live one needs to select low traffic areas. The goal is to avoid being too close to people so choosing to drive to different spots or planning a multiday trip out to some less common trails.


There are multiple ways for adventurers to get out and have fun during a pandemic. Remember to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and wear a mask when applicable.

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