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Max View Partition for Low Roof Transit

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*Only applicable to Low Roof Ford Transit vans.
Clear Polycarbonate Max View Van Partition/Divider
  • Tighter Fit: helps control the climate in your cargo van, keeping your van area cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Less Constricted: The new Max View cargo van dividers make your cab feel less constricted and more comfortable by reducing the boxed-in feeling of a small vehicle.
  • Clear Top: Permits 180 degree rear visibility and reduces blind spots.
  • Solid, Secure Barrier: Ranger Design bulkhead partitions provide a solid, secure barrier between the occupants of the van and the cargo.
  • Maximum Impact Resistance: Built from thermoformed ABS and polycarbonate, these partitions uphold a standard of safety set only by Ranger Design.
  • Ranger Design van partitions provide a more comfortable environment for the driver
  • Drivers are given more seat travel
  • Rattle free
  • Allows full seat travel
  • Designed for maximum impact resistance
  • Impact tested

Max View Composite cargo van partition, clear upper, Ford Transit Low Roof.

  • Composition: Composite
  • Application: Interior
  • Install Time (hrs): 1.00
  • Weight: 50 lbs