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Sprint-Aire Suspension System

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Our premium ride quality, load leveling, hybrid rear suspension system for the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

Our rear suspension is a total ride control solution. Every component has been carefully calibrated and works together to deliver the finest passenger ride quality experience.

We recalibrate the overly stiff Mercedes leaf spring package to drastically reduce harshness and jarring. In addition, we add a sleeve style air spring to soften and quiet the ride and provide automatic load leveling. Ideal for limousines and passenger vans that see a dramatic change in weight. Also a perfect solution for an executive van or mobile office where a premium ride experience is required. Our custom made dynamometer tuned shock absorber is optimized for ride quality. Finally, we upgrade the anti-sway bar for stability.

This total ride control solution is engineered and tested to deliver the ultimate smooth ride in a Sprinter.

NOTE: Currently our suspension system is only available for the 2500 chassis. This product will not fit other Sprinter chassis sizes.